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Friday, November 13, 2009

Terrain via Height Map Tutorial- Blender Tutorial

In this tutorial we will be learning how to create a terrain using a height map.

(Note) For this tutorial you will need to have a height map. I got my Height Map from

Terrain via Height Map Tutorial

1) Hit the Space Bar
a. Add>
b. Mesh>
c. Plane
2) Hit the "S" Key to resize

3) Hit the "5" key to resize times 5

4) Hit the "Enter" key

5) Go to "Edit" mode.

6) Under the "Mesh Tools" category hit the "Subdivide" button six times.

7) Go to "Object" mode.

8) Hit the "F5" key or select the Shading button.

9) Select the "Materials" button.

10) Hit the "Add New" button

11) Hit the "F6" key or select the "Texture" button

12) Under the "Texture" section hit the "Add New" button.

13) Change the "Texture Type" to "Image"

14) Hit the "Load" button

15) Load your Height Map

16) Under the "Map Image" category make sure the following are selected:
a. Mip Map
b. Interpol
c. Use Alpha
d. Clip

17) Hit the "F9" key or select the "Editing" button.

18) Go to "Edit" mode.

19) Go to "Front" view

20) Under the "Mesh Tools" category hit the "Noise" key several times until you get your desired height.

21) Under the "Modifiers" category hit the "Add Modifier" button and select "Subsurf."

22) Change "Levels" to 2

23) Hit the "F12" key to render your work.

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