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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Super3boy's Tutorial List and Links

  From newbies to professional Blender 3D users; there are few who have not learned something from Super3boy's YouTube tutorials.   If you use Blender 3D for still pictures, video games, or animation; Super3boy has a tutorial for you. 
  Along with this list and it's links you will find a link to Super3boy's forum, Nystic.  This forum and the people who use it have been an important part of my Blender 3D education.  I am sure they would be a great asset to you as well. 
  Well here they are.  A neatly compiled list of all Super3boy's tutorials and their links.  Be creative, Be artistic, Be 3D and Blend well.


Super3boy's First Blender Tutorial

Super3boy's First Blender Tutorial (Basics - Blender 2.5 Remake)
Super3boy's RPG Blender Tutorial #1 (Character Setup)

Super3boy's Second Blender Tutorial(part 1)

Super3boy's Second Blender Tutorial(part 2)

Super3boy's Second Blender Tutorial(part 3) - Lost Episode

Super3boy's Third Blender Tutorial(Subsurf)

Super3boy's Fourth Blender Tutorial(Editing)

Super3boy's Fifth Blender Tutorial(Toolbar)

Super3boy's Sixth Blender Tutorial(Materials)

Super3boy's Seventh Blender Tutorial(Animation)

Super3boy's Eighth Blender Tutorial(Scene)

Super3boy's Ninth Blender Tutorial(Particles)

Super3boy's Tenth Blender Tutorial(UV Mapping)

Super3boy's Twelfth Blender Tutorial(Making Waves)

Super3boy's 13th Blender Tutorial(Making a Basic Game)

Super3boy's 14th Blender Tutorial(A Cloth With Softbodies)

Super3boy's 15th Blender Tutorial(Using Blender Fluids)

Super3boy's 16th Blender Tutorial(Grass with Particles)

Super3boy's 17th Blender Tutorial(Making A Chess Board)

Super3boy's 18th Blender Tutorial(Beam Down Effect)

Super3boy's 19th Blender Tutorial(Domino Physics)

Super3boy's 20th Blender Tutorial(Using Armatures)

Super3boy's 21st Blender Tutorial(Making A Sword)

Super3boy's 22nd Blender Tutorial(Using Dupliverts)

Super3boy's 23rd Blender Tutorial(Matrix Bullet Time Effect)

Super3boy's 24th Blender Tutorial(Explode Modifier)

Super3boy's 25th Blender Tutorial(Nodes)

Super3boy's 26th Blender Tutorial(2.46 Hair, UV, and Grass)

Super3boy's 27th Blender Tutorial(SnapTo and Simple Deform)

Super3boy's 28th Blender Tutorial(Grease Pencil)

Super3boy's 29th Blender Tutorial(World Tab)

Super3boy's 30th Blender Tutorial(Landscapes with Heightmaps)

Adding Objects From Other Files With Append

Super3boy FastF12 Render Manager Preview

Super3boy Question Session

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