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Monday, November 9, 2009

Terrain Tutorial - Blender 3D

In this tutorial we will be learning how to set up a quick terrain feature. After this tutorial you can follow one of my other tutorials to learn how to add snow or grass to you terrain.

1)Hit the space bar and follow the words.
A. Add>
B. Mesh>
C. Plane (click on plane)

2) Hit the "7" key on your number pad to go to Top View.

3) Hit the "S" key.
A. drag your mouse around until you get the desired size.
B.Hit Enter
(Note) After you hit the "S" key you can hit a number on your keypad. This will multiply your current plane size by the number you have selected.

4) Go to Edit Mode (Highlighted In Red In the Picture Below)

5) Hit the Proportional Edit Button and turn it to "On." (Highlighted In Red In the Picture Below)

6) Hit the Falloff button. Set that to "Random Falloff." (Highlighted In Red In the Picture Below)(Note) The Falloff button appears after you turn on the Proportional Edit.

7) Hit the "Fractal" button several times.  (Highlighted In Red In the Picture Below)
(Note) The "Fractal" button is located under the Mesh Tools section, but will only be displayed in "Edit Mode."
8) Render your work.
(Note) Hit the "F12" button to render.

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